Meet your Candidate



After years of travelling and studying abroad, I have made Long Beach my home. Our community is resilient, humble, proud and I enjoy residing in the 6th District. Over time, I've started to recognize a pattern of growth in downtown and other coastal neighborhoods, but that same growth not so apparent in the 6th District. My campaign will be one straight from the community. I welcome you to share your stories and what you envision for our city. 

Together we will reshape policy at City Hall. 


I grew up in a military family where money was always tight. Opportunity was something we had to earn and aspire for if we wanted to succeed on our own. I never forgot the childhood equation that inspires me to this day:


Knowing that nothing comes easy, I still dream big. I worked hard to obtain my bachelors in International Business with honors while holding a rigorous debate scholarship at Hawaii Pacific University. I earned a scholarship to study at the Berlin School of Economics and Law as well as an exchange program to Jean Moulin University in Lyon, France. I later completed my Masters in International Business and Law from Management Center Innsbruck, Austria. 

I decided to make a lifelong commitment to public service the moment I moved to Long Beach. Since my arrival, I have worked for Legal Aid Society and currently an Adjunct Professor at Santa Ana College teaching International Marketing and Global Entrepreneurship. I hope to inspire young adults to use their education to realize their dreams. And most recently, I've started volunteering at the Open Medicine Foundation which is a research foundation dedicated to ending the suffering of chronic complex diseases, particularly Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

I know firsthand what global forces that are in play, affecting our beloved City of Long Beach and I will fight tirelessly to secure good jobs, grow our city, and eliminate the need for people to sleep on the streets. 

As your City Councilman, I will bring my international experience to the table and fight for better opportunities for underrepresented neighborhoods such as my 6th District.