Love Thy Neighbor Vision

Bring opportunity to everyone in our city.

We need to hold our city accountable to these pillars of our society. Nobody is against increased taxes when we know the money spent ensures that it provides everyone in our community opportunities.

Our Vision


Economic Development

Everyone deserves access to well paid work and affordable housing. 

Everyone deserves to feel a sense of pride that they can provide for themselves and their families. We need to create job opportunities, support small businesses, bring new businesses, and bring affordable housing and rent opportunities to all of Long Beach.


Tackle Homelessness

This is a community issue, because it can happen to any one of us, including a family member, children, and even our veterans. We need to increase safety for our homeless and increase their access to medical care. Every one deserves a roof over their head and food stability. 

We need to help prevent more people falling into homelessness with sensible affordable housing within Long Beach. 


Provide Safety

Parents should not have to worry about safety when dropping their kids off at school or letting them hang out with their peers. People should not have to fear their safety or losing their property to crime and drugs on the streets. Homeless people should feel equally safe at night and not feel their livelihood is threatened in their cars.